DeMarcus Cousins Should Have Been Sent to the Podium For That Technical Foul

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DeMarcus Cousins Should Have Been Sent to the Podium For That Technical Foul

In the final minutes of the Sacramento Kings game against the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday night, DeMarcus Cousins found himself in hot water for a play that he did not want to see played out in the games final moments. What exactly went down in that sequence?

There were a number of technical fouls called against the star, but the most notable of them all was what Cousins called on himself in response to a San Antonio Spurs’ player being called for an offensive foul. To make things worse, he then followed that very timid play up with a questionable technical foul to end the first half of the game. As NBA technical fouls are what they are, the Kings big man is now facing another one-game suspension for the second time he commits such a foul.

The call that Cousins got for this technical was very questionable. For starters, there was no actual contact made by Cousins to the Spurs’ Tiago Splitter, which is one of the most common foul calls you will likely see. Also, Cousins was only called for a technical if he was intentionally trying to give himself a foul on this play. What the Kings big man probably did not know, however, is that NBA technical foul rules do not actually call for a technical call if a player does not try to give himself a foul.

A technical is not automatically called if the player that is being called for a foul does not try to give himself a foul during the play. In order for the NBA referee to call the technical, two main criteria must be met. One, the foul should have been intentional and two, there must have been contact with the official, or the official’s body.

There is no arguing that when Cousins committed his first technical in this game, he was not trying to give himself a foul because he already knew that San Antonio Spurs’ center Tiago Splitter was not going to be interested in him when he tried to drive into the lane. This is why the Kings big man made the mistake of reacting to Splitter’s body movement. when he was actually calling for the technical.

This call will surely be brought up by NBA coaches and league officials when it comes to reviewing the NBA’s next game, but it does not really mean anything if Cousins has not learned from the San Antonio Spurs’ poor effort in response to the technical fouls that was called against him. When it comes to NBA fouls, more than the number of fouls themselves, the NBA is looking for a reason behind the foul that the player did commit.