NBA Foul Rules – How to Play the Game Correctly

nba foul rules

NBA Foul Rules – How to Play the Game Correctly

Every NBA team needs to follow the NBA foul rules in order to successfully play basketball. If a player is fouled, they must call a foul on the other team. If the player is not able to make contact with the foul or at least the ball then they must stand and take two free throws.

The NBA rules were changed in 1993 after a series of incidents were reported where fouls were called against a player that had not actually fouled the opposing team. It was believed that some teams intentionally fouled their opponents when they thought the referee wasn’t watching.

When there is contact made that results in the foul being called, the opposing team must be prepared for the foul. It is important that every player know the NBA foul rules and be familiar with them. It is never OK to fake or get out of the way of a foul if the other team is already committed to foul the opposing player. This is why the official scorer can be correct as well.

A flagrant foul can be issued against a player as an automatic foul if the player makes contact with the ball or the scorer. This foul is usually assessed to the player who was fouled by the shooter.

Should the player on the receiving end of the foul be awarded two free throws, the shooter can get one free throw after making contact with the official scorer or ball. Also, in order to prevent the ball from being thrown out during a delay of game, the officials will put a piece of paper between the ball and the basket.

A flagrant foul is also a warning and will not affect the outcome of the game. There is no replay of a flagrant foul but the officials will be able to review the tape and make the necessary adjustments should the player receive a second flagrant foul.

A technical foul is a severe, instantaneous, and severe foul and the referee will be seen doing his best to complete the call. A technical foul will only be given to a player that has fouled out and the referee is only allowed to call two technical fouls on any one team per game.

In addition to these different types of fouls, the league also uses several other types of fouls as well. In order to avoid any confusion, it is always important that players understand all of the NBA foul rules and act accordingly.