NBA Free Throws Rules

NBA free throw rules are very specific. The three rules that make up this part of the basketball game are based off of the basketball laws and theories of statistics. Each individual player on the court must know the rules so they can honor the shot clock and play within the rules. Here is what every NBA free throw attempt should look like.

nba free throw rules

If you’re going to receive a free throw during an NBA match, it’s important to keep in mind that it must be taken from beyond the three-point arc. This is actually a rule more than a guideline, since it isn’t really a regulation. It’s not just the length of the free throw lane that a player needs to be in front of the rim, but instead it’s the overall distance they need to be. That means if you are six feet away from the free throw line and you make it, that’s one point for you, but if you come within one foot of the three-point arc it’s doubled.

You have three attempts before the three-minute time limit is over. This means that you are able to take a three-ball shot following each of your previous attempts. The first time you take a shot, the ball is left in the center of the court. You are then given another three-ball try immediately after that. The last time you take a shot, the ball is put into the corner for one of your two possible free throws.

If you miss your first free throw, you have to use the foul pole in front of the basket for one free throw attempt. The second miss, doesn’t count. If you make all three, you will be an NBA star. This may seem unfair at times, but then again, you’re dealing with humans, and anything is fair in this league. You have to take your chances when you’re playing this game.

If you miss the free throw, you’ll have to come back out to the corner again. Then, you only get two free throws before the clock runs out. If you make them all, you become a three-point star. However, you can only become a three-point star once you’ve made at least three free throws.

The best way to take advantage of this situation is to shoot three-pointers as often as you can. Even if you’re not that good right now, getting your numbers up can help your confidence and thus your game. Just remember, the NBA’s three-point rules exist to make life easier for the players and keep the games exciting!